Tim Canova needs a DRock, so do other political candidates

Tim Canova

I am using Tim Canova as an example of why congressional candidates should have a DRock.

Tim Canova, who raised a lot of money in his 2016 primary election for Congress but lost, has announced that he will run again in 2018.  He ran against incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a national figure who was formerly the head of the Democratic National Committee.  She won the primary and the the general election.

If Canova is going to win in 2018, he needs a DRock.  For those of you wondering “What’s a DRock?”, it refers to the personal cameraperson/editor/documentarian of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

His name is David Rock, who Vaynerchuk refers to as DRock.  DRock is always out on his camera, following his boss around at meetings, in the gym, giving speeches at conferences and in his office.  The bulk of the video becomes Vaynerchuk’s series “DailyVee”.  Rock also records “The Ask GaryVee Show” where Vaynerchuk answers questions via social media and phone calls.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Much of this video content is repurposed into shorter videos, blog posts and podcasts.  All of this content allows Gary Vaynerchuk to reinforce his principles and brand, leading to increased sales of books and merchandise, promote his Apple Music series “Planet of the Apps” and expand awareness of his digital media agency VaynerMedia.

Tim Canova needs a DRock, or a team of videographers, audio recorders and editors to replicate the work that David Rock does for Gary Vaynerchuk.  Canova needs to be releasing audio, video and text content on all major platforms.  Perhaps, as I wrote on Quora, he needs to launch a talk show in video and/or podcast form, talking with his potential voters in his district.  He needs to be sharing his principles and brand, showing why the people of his congressional district should know who he is, and why they should vote for him.